Track referrals at offline store

Track referrals coming to your local store with a coupon, which can be printed or saved on a mobile device and redeemed offline.

How it works?


Ambassadors spread a word about your sales promotion

By sharing a link to the dedicated landing page with a unique identifier for each referrer.

uniF488 Learn how to set up promotion and onboard ambassadors

Referred users visit promotion page and get coupons

A coupon can be printed or saved on a mobile device.


Coupons are redeemed at your store

After customer shows you a coupon, submit its unique code in your admin console.
You will immediately see who has made a recommendation and a reward (if set) will be assigned to the referrer.


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Create a sales promotion

Offer a discount, an exclusive service, a gift or any other attractive bonus for your customers.


Set reward for ambassadors

It is an optional but highly recommended step. Stimulate ambassadors by giving gift cards, store credits, cash (fixed amount or % of sale) or any other incentive for referred customers.


Onboard users

Invite your customers to your referral program by sending them emails containing their unique sharing URL, post a link to the program sign up page on your website and social media.

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