Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

Campaigned makes it easy to set up promotions and referral programs


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Landing page

Your promotions and referral programs are presented on a dedicated page, which perfectly fits any device and increases referrer involvement and customer conversion.

Referrer control panel

Every person who makes a recommendation gets access to a dashboard, which displays his referrals activity and earnings.


Track your marketing campaign success. Always know what's going on to be ready to react quickly.



billed annually
or $30/month billed monthly
Unlimited referrers
Unlimited recommendations
Unlimited referrals
Chat & email support
No commissions
No set up fees
First 14 days free

Fits businesses, selling offline

Track referrals coming to your local store with a coupon, which can be printed or saved on a mobile device and redeemed offline.

Launch in minutes

Campaigned is extremely easy to adjust and run. It takes a little time and effort to set it up and start seeing results.

Tech support & advice

We help our users to get started and learn the basics. You can get in touch instantly with a chat in account control panel.

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